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Unique Hats for Special Occasions Across Lyme Regis

Hats to Love Gallery: Welcome

What Hats to Love Have to Offer

View my unique, handmade wedding hats, Mother of the Bride hats and hatinators - both winter hats and formal summer occasion hats are available from my home in Lyme Regis, for you to view and decide on what bespoke hat suits your style the best. 

Here at Hats to Love I have something for weddings, racing events or any special occasion that you are attending. 

We start the simple process with a chat about the typical colours on your dress or outfit. This follows into the conversation on what type of design you would like, whether that be a classic style, hatinator and if any details are to be added such as feathers, ribbons or beads.

Please have a look at my selection of bespoke wedding, event and casual wear hats - if none of the hats match your outfit, I can make amendments in order to suit your specific needs, or create one from scratch just for you!

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a brief discussion on what style of hat you want from Hats to Love in Lyme Regis!

Contact Hats to Love

If you are looking for a classy hat, new wedding hat, summer/winter hat or hatinator for any special occasion, I have a range of handmade selections for you to chose from - and I can even create one from scratch to perfectly match your outfit!

Contact me now through the information provided below to enquire about visiting me, in order to find the perfect hat for you!

Riven Heights, Timber Hill, Lyme Regis, DT7 3HQ

Thanks for submitting!

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Hats to Love Gallery: Contact
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